The First VM Abstraction Framework

Break free from vendor lock in and easily build applications with any VM on any chain. Deploy SVM, MoveVM, and parallelized EVM apps on multiple ecosystems environments including Solana and the Optimism Superchain. Build once, deploy anywhere.

Lumio VM Framework

Compatible with any chain, Lumio maintains equivalence with most popular VMs, including SVM, parallel EVM and MoveVM. Developers using Lumio can easily deploy across multiple chains including Solana and Optimism with no code changes.

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Lumio Chain Collective

The Lumio Chain Collective is a set of L2s on multiple chains. Teams can effortlessly deploysmart contracts in their native VM without codechanges. Write once, deploy across every rollupenvironment within the collective.

Focus on building your business, not rebuilding your app.

Lumio Testnet

Testnet is open to our early innovation users. Join the waitlist and follow our socials for an opportunity to join.
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Lumio on Solana

Lumio Solana (devnet) supports SVM, and Move VM. It will be a high performance L2 on Solana.

Why L2s on Solana? Maximize scaling with customizable L2s. Offer a better experience, particularly during periods of congestion. Support unique applications, for example perp dexes that separate order book execution from liquidations.

We believe solana will benefit from L2s.
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Lumio on Optimism

Lumio on Optimism is set to join Superchain, an interconnected L2 network led by Optimism. This opens doors for Solana and Aptos developers to expand their L1 apps to Ethereum through Optimism and other L2 ecosystems like Arbitrum in the future. Lumio on Optimism is live on a canary mainnet with EVM. Move and SVM are live on testnet and will eventually merge into mainnet.

More chains coming soon


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Lumio on Optimism Documentation